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De Wonderjaren / The Wonder Years

In the family exhibition De Wonderjaren, four artists – author/actor Frank Groothof, photographer Michel Pellanders, audiographer Hannes Wallrafen and designer Mart Warmerdam – blend their childhood experiences with images and sounds to create one story. The story of a fictional ten-year-old boy who grows up during the reconstruction period. The project brings memories to life in a playful way – with photos, amateur films, sounds and stories. De Wonderjaren is not about nostalgia, but about remembrance.

Visitors to De Wonderjaren can feel, hear and discover memories of school, home, the neighbourhood and ‘the wide world’. They move through: a living room, tree house, classroom or a solex. Children are introduced to the childhood of their (grand) parents; a time that seems far away because nobody had a TV  back then, there were no computers or mobile telephones and very few cars. The exhibition could be seen in the Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, Museum van Bommel van Dam in Venlo and Tresoar in Leeuwarden.

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