spakenburg dames op weg naar de statenjacht op de pier botterdag botter klederdracht juni 2008

Kuiven & kraplappen

With Kuiven & kraplappen, Bert Verhoeff, Hannes Wallrafen and Reinie van Goor shine the spotlight on women who were still wearing traditional dress on a daily basis in 2009.

Bert Verhoeff uses powerful images to show that life is not what it seems. A quick glance could give the impression that he is recording something from the past but nothing could be further from the truth. His unruly images present an intensified representation of a changing society.

After becoming blind in a short space of time, photographer Hannes Wallrafen exchanged his lens for a microphone. He has worked as a sound artist ever since, exposing issues that cannot be captured in images.

Originally from Spakenburg, Reinie van Goor uses brief texts to show how women cherish their own traditions and effortlessly combine these with a contemporary lifestyle.

In Kuiven & kraplappen, photographer Bert Verhoeff and sound artist Hannes Wallrafen portray women from Spakenburg; women who wear traditional dress. These women clearly attach great value to their traditions, without modern life passing them by. They run successful businesses, hold top positions as managers, their children are married to migrants and they allow themselves to be treated by a local female dentist from Iran. These are unruly images: an intensified representation of a changing society. Originally from Spakenburg herself, Reinie van Goor wrote the text that partly became an ode to her mother.

The book with audio CD costs € 25, the special signed publication with one of the 50 limited edition 20×30 cm prints costs € 100.
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